Current Practice and Future Challenges

National Islet Transplantation Study Day for Healthcare Professionals
Future treatments and technologies for hypoglycaemia

Friday 21st November 2014
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
9 Queen St
EH12 1JQ

Who should attend:

  • UK Islet Transplant Consortium Diabetes MCN Managers, Diabetes Clinical Leads, Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, General Practitioners
  • Scottish Renal Association-Renal Consultants, Specialist Nurses,
  • Renal Co-ordinators, Diabetes Registrars, SNBTS
  • British Transplant Society, DUK, NHSBT, ODT
  • Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN)
  • Chairs of NHS BDC/ SN-OD / CL-OD, Members of Scottish Transplant Group
  • Reps from Emergency Medicine Units
  • Tissue Donors, Consultant Clinical Scientists – Tissue Typing
  • NHS Scotland clinical or managerial staff with an interest in Islet Transplantation

We would like to extend an invitation to join us at the above conference, which aims to principally inform on islet transplantation as well as other new and emerging treatments for hypoglycaemia. These services help improve the quality of life for people with Type 1 diabetes who have severe hypoglycaemia unawareness.

The conference will provide a forum through presentation and informal discussion, to recognise progress to date in islet transplantation in Scotland, the UK and internationally and will include the wider issues of treating people with Type 1 diabetes with hypoglycaemia.

A key aim of this study day is to inform health care professionals of islet transplantation as well as new treatments and key technological advances in the treatment of hypoglycaemia.

For registration details please contact

E: isletcelltransplantation2014@hfeventmanagement.co.uk

T: 0131 555 5833

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 5th November 2014