Run in conjunction with the Celebrating Diabetes Education for all in Scotland Conference the previous day, this event, also supported by the Scottish Government, Diabetes Managed Clinical Networks and Diabetes UK Scotland, provided an opportunity to learn about the new direction for diabetes in Scotland.

The target audience included Diabetes Managed Clinical Networks, Diabetes UK, Primary Care Diabetes Society, Scottish Diabetes Group, Medical Directors, General Practitioners Royal Colleges in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scottish Government, Scottish Diabetes, Industry colleagues and everyone who worked in NHS Scotland or associated organisations with a keen interest in Diabetes.

The planning committee encouraged submissions of posters for the National Diabetes Conference as an opportunity to share examples of innovative pilot projects and service delivery being taken forward from across Scotland that supports diabetes service’s priorities and the Diabetes Action Plan. On the day best poster was awarded by the delegates and this was given to “My Diabetes My Way” presented to University of Dundee My Diabetes My Way Team.

The conference provided an opportunity for the 300 delegates to have the following:

  • An opportunity to share examples of innovative projects and service delivery being taken forward that supports the Diabetes Action Plan Priorities
  • A look at what we can learn from other healthcare systems in further reducing HbA1c.
  • Scotland’s diabetes inpatient care programme
  • An opportunity to showcase and discuss best practice in patient and professional education and to learn from others developing education
  • An opportunity to network with colleagues from across Scotland
  • To inspire and motivate further enhancements in the delivery of care to people with diabetes